Plant Classification

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The plant kingdom is very diverse. Plants can be vascular or non-vascular. Non vascular plants in mosses (byrophta), hornworts (anthocerphyta) and liverworts (hepaticophta). These plants tend to be low to the ground and live in wetter areas. The vascular plants have phoelom and xylem. Phoelom and xylem allow vascular plants to live away from water. The vascular plants can be have seeds. The ferns (pteriphyta) reproduce by spores and don't use seeds for reproduction. Plants that reproduce by seed can have naked seeds (gymnosperms) or covered seeds (angiosperms). The gymnosperms include conifers (coniferophyta), cycads (cycadophyta), ginko trees (ginkophyta), or gnetophyta. Conifers include evergreens and are more hardy than deciduous trees. Cycads live in tropical areas and tend to be toxic. Ginko trees are are a very resilient and have no natural predators. Gnetophyta are strange plants. This is where all the plants that are not quite understood are put. Everyone is familiar with angiosperms. They tend to be the dominant plant in most areas. They form the pretty flowers you see or fruits like apples or watermelon. Angiosperms can be monocots (liliopsida) or eudicots. A well known monocot is sweet corn.
Phylogenic Tree of Plants made by myself

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